Friday, 30 June 2017

21st Century Skills

In my studies, there has been a big focus on what is known as '21st Century Skills'.

In this diagram, there are the skills that are believed to be really important for you in your workplace in the future.  The infographic focuses on what you can be doing in school to develop these skills.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Day one and Two Reflection and Looking Forward

Well...our first two days are done and dusted.  We've done a lot of administration and talking, and a little bit of getting to know each other.  I am really excited about the year ahead, and what we're going to achieve.  In the comments section below, I want to you write your name (only your first name), and answer each question:

1.  'Take up the Challenge' is our motto, and something I actively encourage. What do you want to do outside of the class this year?

2.  What things do you think are important for our class to run smoothly this year, with each person getting the most out of it?

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Team Tainui 2017

An Invitation

Weeks one and two: Meet the teacher opportunity

Pop into school on your way home if you have a chance and introduce yourself.  I will be in Room 15 until 5.30pm Wednesday and Thursday evenings in Week one.

Community Picnic

This year, Berkley is approaching the Meet-the-Teacher evening a little differently.  On Thursday in Week two (9th February), Tainui is holding a team picnic evening, outside our classrooms. You are invited to bring a picnic dinner for your family to eat, and meet other members of Room 15 and our team, Tainui.  This will be at 5.30pm, then at 6.30, parents will have an opportunity to attend a short presentation by our Principal, Nathan Leith. There is more information available in the Korero.

I hope to meet you, at some stage over these two weeks. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting.....